Fit Furniture: A Table for Every Corner

Project Credits: Plamena Milusheva

Photo Credits: Plamena Milusheva

The Fit Series is designed around leveraging digital fabrication methods to develop custom furniture for unique spaces that might otherwise be underutilized. The example furniture pieces are a response to challenging spatial conditions at Metrix Create: Space. At the shop there was a constant need for more table surface and seating but not much available space for new additions. The chosen site for the designs is a curving set of windows along the inside of the shop. Since they are the only form of natural light to the basement location, it has always been important to minimize their obstruction, which has made it difficult to turn the area they occupy into a useful work space.

The goal of Fit Table is to provide an appealing, stable work surface without adding a lot of heavy structure around the windows. The design takes advantage of the stability provided by the deep window frames in order to minimize the profile of all the added pieces. The entire assembly fits together with friction and gravity.

The Selvage Chair is designed for the window tables, taking advantage of the ample clearance underneath them for stowage when not in use. The most exciting element of this chair is the hand-woven seat which repurposes the scrap side cut-off pieces [selvage] from the high-tech fabric used in local designer Tom Bihn’s bags. Normally the selvage is thrown out but the material is very strong, so it makes for a great seat once woven.