Holiday Card 2017: The tinies take over

Project Credits: LMN (Team: Plamena Milusheva, Enol Vallina, Michael Day)


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop

3DS Max


The LMN video holiday card has a history of being unique and playful while showcasing interesting new tools or workflows that the firm has been exploring. That particular year our visualization lead, Mike, was especially excited about a set of animated scaled figures he had acquired. We decided to build the idea of the card around this.

We storyboarded a set of vignettes, developed physical and digital assets, and shot many hours of footage to get all the right sequences and angles. The bulk of the work came after, in layering all the footage with the rendered animated people so that everything looked plausible. The video card was featured in Architect Magazine's annual roundup of best holiday cards by architecture firms.