How We Work: An early look at the work-from-home experience

Project Credits: LMN (Team: Plamena Milusheva, Rafael Vignoly (partner in charge))




Early in the work-from-home shift, LMN wanted to get a better understanding of how the changes were affecting people. I was tasked with designing the survey and interview questions and administering both tracks. The data format is text based and challenging to sift through to pull out any larger takeaways. This experimental dashboard provides an interface to engage with the data collected and to provide initial summaries across a range of categories through several different lenses.

The interactive dashboard offers a way to layer the data so that the viewer isn't overwhelmed by all of it at once. Someone interested in learning more about the survey and interview output can look at the information at a high level or drill down into as much details as desired. Part of the data processing on my end involved figuring out a system to categorize the different answers and provide some level of anonymity for the participants. The dashboard is a prototype for developing web-based frameworks for collecting and engaging with with type of amorphous data in the future.