Loop: Public Sculpture Proposal

Project Credits: Studio OHM (Yousman Okano, Brianna Holan, Plamena Milusheva)

Image Credits: Studio OHM

Loop is an interactive sculpture that showcases the integration of art and technology as part of a shortlisted proposal for a public art call between the office of Arts and Culture and Seattle City Light. The steel clad sculpture consists of a 2'-0" diameter tube formed into a 10'-0" diameter torus. Outfitted with LEDs discreetly tucked into an "infinity" slot that twists along the torus. The LEDs are powered by photovoltaic panels (PVs) which are integrated into the geometry's exterior. The interior houses the interactive light system that will respond to users and serve as a portal to education resources on renewable energy and Seattle City Lights' range of programs.

A key component to engaging and educating the public will be a mobile app and web interface that tie into the Seattle City Arts Mobile App Stqry as a portal to historic data about energy harnessing and use through the sculpture and to more information on Seattle City Light PV programs and technology.