Year of...

Year of... is a unique firm culture initiative that focuses on different employee-generated themes each year. The initiative often addresses pertinent topics that affect the design industry and society in general. The structure varies based on topic but it generally includes outside speakers, internal workshops, and some form of active participation.

Under the umbrella of Year of the Future, I led the Technology track, which turned out to be a great point of departure for exciting discussions, provocative questions, and some amazing speakers.

At the end we were left with a set of questions to take forward as we continued to develop the firm's relationship with technology and innovation. Spoiler alert: it's never about the tools - everything boils down to culture.

I also had the privilege of leading the Year of Opportunity, which was an umbrella theme for several different subcategories of opportunity related strategic initiatives. Those generally fell under the categories of mentorship, information exchange and access, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This particular theme produces intense and fruitful conversations around mentorship and equity. At the end of the year, we produced a set of strategic initiatives that were born out of the events and discussions throughout the year. These included things like a plan for a mentorship program and the establishment of a DEI team.