Power & Ice: Prototype for Amsterdam Light Festival

Project Credits: LMN (Team: Plamena Milusheva, Scott Crawford, Michael Day, Enol Vallina, Chris Savage)

Power and Ice is an off-grid interactive installation that uses the powerful imagery of melting glaciers to engage visitors in considering our collective role in creating the damage and our power in stopping its acceleration if we work together. The brightness of the piece indicates the public’s contribution to charging its batteries through bikes attached to generators. The installation hopes to bring attention to a serious environmental condition by engaging visitors playfully through competition and interactive lighting.

The installation relies on visitors pitching in to keep it running. As it dims slowly but steadily until it all but disappears over the course of each evening, Power and Ice represents the loss of vital habitat and climatic balance. it all but disappears by the end of the night. However, it offers hope to those who are willing to take action. People can counteract the “melting” when they recharge the batteries that run it by pedaling on one of the bikes that power the installation. It will take many people working together to keep it running, underscoring in a playful but pointed way the need for all of us to work together to maintain and protect our environment.

Video by Enol Vallina / LMN

Image by Enol Vallina and Michael Day / LMN

Image by Michael Day, Scott Crawford, and Plamena Milusheva / LMN

Image by Michael Day / LMN